4 floor elevator plc ladder logic

4 floor elevator plc ladder logic

4 floor elevator plc ladder logic
Latest Projects Education. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter NT Start date Oct 10, Search Forums New Posts. I am looking to build a 3 floor working model elevator using relays and limit switches. A 2 floor diagram is quite easy, however adding a 3rd floor makes it that much more challenging using relays. Does anyone have a simple relay diagram they could share? I'd like to have an "up" call button on the 1st floor, an "up" and "down" call button on the 2nd floor, and a "down" call button on the 3rd floor. Put your thinking caps on, and please Scroll to continue with content. MrCarlos Joined Jan 2, Hello NT You can start by analyzing the circuit in the attached image. After: Increase call buttons on the other floors I hope this information will help you make your project regards at your service. So Easy. Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to get an actual relay diagram if someone could help me with that? This seems like a PLC programming assignment for school. A good friend has an Autistic child who is fascinated with elevators. I wanted to build a working model for him, however I never worked with PLCs, so I wanted to keep with the technology I know. Would love a relay diagram if someone could help! JDT Joined Feb 12, Not simple - but interesting! I'm sure it can be done with relays - they must have done it that way back in the day. You will need latching relays to be able to "remember" things. Get it wrong, you will have to re-wire. I would start this project by first: Consider what input and output devices you need. Example: at each floor you need a position switch to tell that the lift is there. A call button at each floor. An acknowledgement light at each floor to signal that the lift is coming. Motor forward going up.

3 floor elevator plc ladder logic pdf

4 floor elevator plc ladder logic
View Full Version : Ladder diagram for elevator. Hi, guys anyone of you have a ladder diagram for elevator. I'm just started to learn about PLC. I know the plc's basics but donot know how to start for the same. Try this search advanced. Hi Somebody give a ladder logic example for 5 floor Elevator. I am a beginner for plc. Just tell me that how do I start. Try it yourself first. Then we will help you. We won't give you the answer as you won't learn anything if we do The hardest part of any automation project is to define your system. Make a flow chart, a process narrative, Break it into logical steps - how it starts each step, how it stops each step, how it behaves if there is a problem, etc. How do you interact with the system? THEN figure out what hardware you're going to need to run your system per the above requirements. Do this first, then come back with what you have. Ask specific questions. It must not be too urgent. It's been 2 months since you were last here begging for someone to hand you the answer. And the answer hasn't changed Help us help you. First, divide the elevator control into Major Tasks. Set up subroutines for each major task. That will be a start. I would consider a 5 floor elevator too difficult for a plc newbie - start with something simple like flashing lamps controlled by some pushbuttons. No pushbuttons pressed lamp off Push button A pressed, lamp flashes at 1Hz Push button B pressed, lamp flashes at 2Hz Both push buttons pressed, lamp flashes at 4Hz. Start with a 1 floor elevator and then work from there -MUR. Where is this elevator so I can avoid it. Still wouldnt get on it. I work with cx-programmer, and i'm gonna control an elevator like you, but i have so questions about the programming. How i do to "say" to the motor to invert is way

2 floor elevator plc ladder logic

4 floor elevator plc ladder logic
Any body can help me in writing PLC Ladder diagram for 4 floor elevator? I have written straight program for floor to floor with push button pressing. The next refinement would be to service floors that are in the call queue should the lift pass those floors. But what about the wireless internet provision for the quickly distracted adolescents inside the elevator? I mean if they cannot get to update their FaceBook page during the four flight verticle transition, they just might die! U do prob 4? Let's not talk about how homework gets done! This is intended only as a hint. I will not write your code without a fee. Consider the elevator's state diagram, specifically the status of the elevator's direction lights and the status of each floor's call buttons. This can be done on chargable basis,since manhours and knoledge on lift as well as plc is requird. New Post. Comments Format:. Subscribe to Discussion :. CR4 allows you to "subscribe" to a discussion so that you can be notified of new comments to the discussion via email. Rating Vote:. Score 1 Score 2 Score 3 Score 4 Score 5. Add Vote. Now I want the logic for calling the car to required floor like first come first serve. Interested in this topic? By joining CR4 you can "subscribe" to this discussion and receive notification when new comments are added. Comments rated to be "almost" Good Answers: Check out these comments that don't yet have enough votes to be "official" good answers and, if you agree with them, rate them! Location: In the bothy, 7 chains down the line from Dodman's Lane level crossing, in the nation formerly known as Great Britain, and now disconnecting ["brexit" - ugh] as Little England and Wales not too sure about Wales bit, either. Kettle's on. Functional specification: When an inside floor button is pressed Latch occupant inside priority Close the doors, move to that floor and open the doors. After a timeout, unlatch occupant inside priority When an outside floor button is pushed and there is no occupant priority Place that floor number into a call queue. Close the doors, move to that floor, open doors and wait. If no inside floor button is pressed within a timeout time close the doors, and move to the next floor in the call queue, open the doors and wait. When there is no floor number in the call queue and no occupant priority wait for an outside call button to be pressed. If no outside call button has been pressed within a timeout time. Close doors, return to the ground floor if morning or the top floor if afternoon suggestion? Something like that? Thanks for your reply All functional specification you mentioned is ok, I have badly struck in call queue I shall be great full to you if you suggest on this Knowledge never decreases by being shared. Anonymous Poster. No more "Almost" Good Answers. Ask a Question Start a Discussion. Change Mode.

3 floor elevator logic

PLC elevator control On modern elevators the control logic is PLC based, probably because relays are more expensive than electronic components. Besides a PLC makes simple the electrical connections and reduces the chance of failure. On old elevators the direction of the car is controlled by selectors mounted in the shaft, one at each floor. On modern elevators there may be one impulse switch only, mounted on the top of the car. When the elevator moves the impulse switch detects a sequence of magnets placed in the shaft, then sends the signals to the PLC. The pdf link below is a ladder logic of a 4 floors, double speed and automatic door elevator. The program has been simulated but not tested on a real elevator model. The direction of the car is controlled by one selector impulse switch S0. On real elevators, for a better precision, there are more selector switches. The dump switches at the first and top floor S1-S2 are supposed to reset the program once the PLC is supplied. In that condition none of the selector merkers are activated. In other words the PLC does not know where the elevator is. Therefore the direction instructions rung 17 and 18 would be both on. For that reason I used the delay instruction T The image is a simplified schematic of the direction instructions. Note that S7 PLC software does not allow two instructions within one rung. Ladder logic pdf Plc elevator with Trilogi simulator.

Elevator programming logic

Objectives: This Experiments on the design and implementation of a PLC-based controller for a four level elevator. The design incorporates an intelligent controller that services all the requests in an energy-saving way, rather than on a first-come, first-served basis. Following are the objectives of the experiment: - To learn about the elevator hardware. Introduction: Elevator provides an advanced application with which students may study the use and programming of programmable logic controller PLC. The advanced features of the elevator also allow complex digital control techniques to be investigated. The PLC has many advantages over other control systems. It is known for its flexibility, lower cost, operational speed, reliability, ease of programming, security, and it is easy in implementing changes and correcting errors. Overview and basic features The motorized elevator car can be controlled using an external controller to move between four floors in response to request from call pushbuttons located at each floor and within the elevator car. Logic sensors are located on each floor to indicate the presence of the car. These sensors also provide advance warning of arrival as the car approaches each floor to allow the car to be slowed prior to arriving at the destination floor. The internal motor controller unit provides closed loop motor speed and current and has both logic and analogue interfaces. Mechatronics System Design Lab. Drive motor arrangement The elevator car is raised and lowered by a dc motor via a 1 gearbox which is coupled to a toothed drive sprocket see Figure 1. A mechanical brake driven by a solenoid operates on the winder motor so that the car can be held in position. The brake is normally applied when the brake release input is held low or left floating and also when the unit is unpowered. Driving the brake release input high releases the brake. An equivalent Mitsubishi PLC may be used that has a transistor source output, but the output wiring configuration will differ slightly from that given in the following wiring table. Experiment Instructions: A. Assignment 1: Familiarization Objectives - To learn about the elevator hardware. Practical 1: Elevator Hardware This practical is to learn about the elevator hardware. Refer to Figure 3, which shows the main elevator parts. Identify all components.

Elevator control using plc ladder logic

Soft Comfort. Software Program. Chapter 2. The schematic of all other hardware used in this project is given: keyboard pad, DC motor controller. You can learn to master your programming knowledge just by simulating yours and checking out its performance and comparing it against my solution. This way you can improve your programming knowledge! And if you stuck at any step, you can check out our solution against mine and use the explanation to understand the reasoning behind! In chapter 3, I thought maybe it is not a bad idea to add these three elements to my 4Floor Elevator project. Comparing figure 3. Your email address will not be published. As you'd agree, developing all these related topics is Costly and time-consuming. In order to continue developing all these materials, we'd like to request you to support us by purchasing our titles. In case you decide to purchase any hardware by using the links specified in the tutorials OR elsewhere, you'd be directed to the eBay-affiliated program. Thanks for your support and help. Secondary menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Main menu Skip to primary content. Online Tutorial. There is a quotation which was originally stated by Confucius, I would like present it here as a very practical statement on how the human mind approaches the learning process I hear, and I forget I see, and I remember I do, and I understand Confucius — BCE All this means is the best way to understand anything is to get your hands on it and actually experiment with it. And by definition we all know that a Project Scope or Functional Specification, defines in detail how a system is to operate when the project is finished! I have come up with a solution for those that do have the beginning knowledge on how to work with PLC instructions but now they need to learn how to take a project Scope and turn it into a working PLC program. Soft Comfort software. The whole idea is to generate a ladder logic program to control 7 mechanical limit switches to detect the exact location of elevator car, 10 pushbuttons to detect which keypad number is pushed the cabin to be directed to that particular floor, 4 limit switches to control the car sliding door when it is closed, and 4 limit switches to turn alarm when any of the floor door is open in absence of car parked at that floor. Hence control ladder logic program has to control total of 25 mechanical limit switches in harmony! Total of 21 outputs!. I assume he who can come up with the solution for this exercise, can do any other project which is even more complex that this EASILY!. Writing a ladder logic program for this project require you to know what you are doing other wise, it would not work right. You have to make use of basic function blocks such as, flags, latches, timers, counters. By defending your programming knowledge not just by talking, BUT by proving it. You must show your future employer that you can handle the job of writing at least a fairly complex program in few hours. You can go out and order a hardware such as my well designed elevator from some company located in CHINA for some thousands dollars and develop a program for that OR you can purchase my item and just use the simulator which comes with both those software and write your program, simulate it and then compare it with mine and LEARN! OverviewEach floor is to have its own illuminated pushbutton to call the elevator to a demanded floor. The elevator door is to be emulated with the use of a 3 V DC motor that opens, and stays open, and reverses after few seconds at each floor after being called. Also a 12 V DC motor is used to hoist the elevator and mechanical limit switches were used to indicate when the elevator is at the floor in position to open. The final aspect of this experiment is to intelligently organize the ladder logic to make the troubleshooting easier. Hence the purpose behind of developing a manual like this is an attempt to make learning Programmable Logic Controllers fun! Making connection with a familiar control system such as a full functional 4 floor elevator, brings out the how and why latches, timers, limit switches, sensors and relays are used. Soft Comfort software, however the ideas and program layouts are universal to any PLC.

Plc lift control system

In the above picture, there are totally two floors. There are two user panels. One is inside the lift and other is outside the lift. Limit switches are used to locate and stop the lift at each floor. Starting the Operation using start latch, Ground floor PB is pushed to turn on latch coil to store the output of status when ground limit switch is off. First floor PB is pushed to turn on latch coil to store the output of status when First limit switch is off. For interlocking, normally closed switch of ground limit switch and first floor switch is used in Rung For interlocking, normally closed switch of second floor limit switch and first floor switch is used in Rung To open the lift door when it reaching floor ,Binary bits are used to store the status of First floor PB and First Limit switch. To open the lift door when it reaching floor ,Binary bits are used to store the status of Third floor PB and third floor Limit switch. When open door limit switch is turned to on, Open motor door should stop and timer need to turn on to give time delay of 5s to close door motor. When timer done turned on, close door motor should ON until closed limit switch is turned ON. If no PB is turned on after getting into lift takes 10secs delay to open lift door again. If any PB is pressed, it will perform the respective operations. The above explained elevator control using PLC is for example only. It may vary from real time. There are many concepts to program elevator, this program is one of the type. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Primary Menu Inst Tools. Search for: Search. Previous Article. Next Article. Pressure Transmitter Calibration Procedure. Related Articles.

Elevator control system using plc

4 floor elevator plc ladder logic
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Plc based elevator control system pdf

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