Alphonse mucha

Alphonse mucha

Alphonse mucha
He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and designs. InMucha became a chorister at the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Brno, where he received his secondary school education. It is there that he had his first revelation, in front of the richness of Baroque art. He worked at decorative painting jobs in Moravia, mostly painting theatrical scenery. Inhe relocated to Vienna to work for a major Viennese theatrical design company, while informally augmenting his artistic education. When a fire destroyed his employer's business during he returned to Moravia, to do freelance decorative and portrait painting. In addition to his studies, he worked at producing magazine and advertising illustrations. Mucha volunteered to produce a lithographed poster within two weeks, and on 1 Januarythe advertisement for the play Gismonda by Victorien Sardou was posted in the city, where it attracted much attention. Bernhardt was so satisfied with the success of this first poster that she began a six-year contract with Mucha. Mucha produced a flurry of paintings, posters, advertisements, and book illustrations, as well as designs for jewelry, carpets, wallpaper, and theatre sets in what was termed initially The Mucha Style but became known as Art Nouveau French for "new art". Mucha's works frequently featured beautiful young women in flowing, vaguely Neoclassical -looking robes, often surrounded by lush flowers which sometimes formed halos behind their heads. In contrast with contemporary poster makers he used pale pastel colors. Mucha's style was given international exposure by the Universal Exhibition in Paris, of which Mucha said, "I think [the Exposition Universelle] made some contribution toward bringing aesthetic values into arts and crafts. His Art Nouveau style was often imitated. The Art Nouveau style, however, was one that Mucha attempted to disassociate himself from throughout his life; he always insisted that rather than maintaining any fashionable stylistic form, his paintings were entirely a product of himself and Czech art. He declared that art existed only to communicate a spiritual message, and nothing more; hence his frustration at the fame he gained by his commercial art, when he most wanted to concentrate on more artistic projects. Wikipedia article References Wikipedia article. Wikipedia: en. Alphonse Mucha Artworks. Job Alphonse Mucha Sarah Bernhardt Alphonse Mucha Spring Alphonse Mucha Zodiac Alphonse Mucha Salome Alphonse Mucha Painting Alphonse Mucha Madonna of the Lilies Alphonse Mucha

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Alphonse mucha
In the second part of his career, at the age of 43, he returned to his homeland of Bohemia-Moravia region in Austria and devoted himself to painting a series of twenty monumental canvases known as The Slav Epicdepicting the history of all the Slavic peoples of the world, [3] which he painted between and Inon the 10th anniversary of the independence of Czechoslovakia, he presented the series to the Czech nation. He considered it his most important work. It is now on display in Prague. Peter and Paul, Brnowhere he received his secondary school education. He designed flyers and posters for patriotic rallies. He found some employment designing theatrical scenery and other decorations. In he applied without success to the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, but was rejected and advised "to find a different career". Inat the age of 19, he traveled to Vienna, the political and cultural capital of the Empire, and found employment as an apprentice scenery painter for a company which made sets for Vienna theaters. While in Vienna, he discovered the museums, churches, palaces and especially theaters, for which he received free tickets from his employer. His style turned Mucha in that artistic direction and influenced his later work. To his misfortune, a terrible fire in destroyed the Ringtheater, the major client of his firm. Later inalmost without funds, he took a train as far north as his money would take him. He arrived in Mikulov in southern Moravia, and began making portraits, decorative art and lettering for tombstones. The paintings at Emmahof were destroyed by fire inbut his early versions in small format exist now on display at the museum in Brno. He showed his skill at mythological themes, the female form, and lush vegetal decoration. Belasi, who was also an amateur painter, took Mucha on expeditions to see art in Venice, Florence and Milan, and introduced him to many artists, including the famous Bavarian romantic painter, Wilhelm Kray, who lived in Munich. Count Belasi decided to bring Mucha to Munich for formal training, and paid his tuition and cost of living at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. He moved there in September In he received a notable commission for a painting of the Czech patron saints Cyril and Methodiusfrom a group of Czech emigrants, including some of his relatives, who had founded a Roman Catholic church in the town of Pisek, North Dakota. I cross all sorts of currents, but without effort, and even with joy. Here, for the first time, I can find the objectives to reach which used to seem inaccessible. Count Belasi suggested that he travel either to Rome or Paris. With Belasi's financial support, he decided in to move to Paris. The two schools taught a wide variety of different styles. His first professors at the Academie Julien were Jules Lefebvre who specialized in female nudes and allegorical paintings, and Jean-Paul Laurenswhose specialties were historical and religious paintings in a realistic and dramatic style. When he arrived in Paris, Mucha found shelter with the help of the large Slavic community. Mucha decided to follow the path of another Czech painter he knew from Munich, Ludek Maroldwho had made a successful career as an illustrator for magazines.

Alphonse mucha artworks

Alphonse mucha
Mucha was famous for his commercial posters, which had a wide audience, but he also worked in a variety of other media, including furniture, jewelry, and theatrical sets. He mostly worked in Vienna and Paris, but was also in Chicago, where he taught at the Art Institute, from to There, he introduced his interpretation of the "new art" to a United States audience. The densely patterned posters epitomize the Art Nouveau interest in natural forms, decoration, and a rejection of the anonymity of mechanical production. Mucha was raised in the shadow of two powerful cultural forces: The Catholic Church and the Slav's desire for independence from the Austrian Empire. Excited by light and color, Mucha's earliest memory was of Christmas tree lights. A baroque fresco in his local church piqued his interest in art, and he moved to Vienna, where he took an apprenticeship as a stage set painter. Surrounded by the explosion of art in the Austrian capital, he learned of and greatly admired the work of Hans Makartamong others. This striking poster was created as an advertisement for the Job cigarette company. A beautiful woman with a lighted cigarette dominates Mucha's poster, the rising smoke intertwining with her swirling, Pre-Raphaelite hair and the Job logo. The poster's golden zigzag border, inspired by Byzantine mosaics, combines with the twirling smoke and the rich purple background to create a luxurious and sensual mood. The curving lines of the woman's hair and rising smoke stand out against the rhythmic lines of the zigzag frame. The very fact that this woman is smoking - let alone that she is somewhat eroticized - was scandalous, since no respectable woman of the time would smoke in public. Furthermore, her sensual tangle of cascading hair was daring, because respectable women of the era wore their hair tied up. These significant breaks from tradition suggest that the smoker may be wanton and wild. She is lost in pleasure - quite possibly in the nude, her closed eyes and half smile suggesting ecstasy. Mucha depicts his smoking woman in the manner of a rapturous saint to advertise an everyday product, thereby revealing his great skill at blending art and commerce. He elevates the ordinary to a realm of mysterious beauty. Four seasonal beauties, each set against a distinct natural backdrop, convey the mood of each season. Innocent Spring stands among white blossoms, charming birds; Summer lounges among red poppies; bountiful Autumn rests with chrysanthemums, gathering fruit; and Winter,in a snowy landscape, huddles under a cloak with a small bird. The decorative style of the images illustrates Mucha's artistic influences and interests. This style reflects his debt to Japanese woodcuts, as well as to Hans Makart's The Five Senseswhile his association of women with a subtle undercurrent of death and rebirth speaks to his interest in symbolism. The choice of medium reflects his interest in making art available to all, since the panels were created as affordable art for private homes. Mucha's interest in expanding the boundaries of art and design led to beautiful collaborations with the Parisian goldsmith Georges Fouquet.

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After early education in BrnoMoravia, and work for a theatre scene-painting firm in ViennaMucha studied art in Prague, Munich, and Paris in the s. He first became prominent as the principal advertiser of the actress Sarah Bernhardt in Paris. He designed the posters for several theatrical productions featuring Bernhardt, beginning with Gismondaand he designed sets and costumes for her as well. Mucha designed many other posters and magazine illustrations, becoming one of the foremost designers in the Art Nouveau style. His supple, fluent draftsmanship is used to great effect in his posters featuring women. His fascination with the sensuous aspects of female beauty—luxuriantly flowing strands of hair, heavy-lidded eyes, and full-lipped mouths—as well as his presentation of the female image as ornamental, reveal the influence of the English Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic on Mucha, particularly the work of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The sensuous bravura of the draftsmanship, particularly the use of twining, whiplash lines, imparts a strange refinement to his female figures. Alphonse Mucha. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Alphonse Mucha Czech artist. See Article History. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. The Czechoslovak graphic designer Alphonse Mucha —who worked in Paris, created a number of jewelry designs, transferring his brilliant talent as an illustrator to precious stones and metals. Beginning in the s, he created designs—usually featuring beautiful young women whose hair and clothing swirl in rhythmic patterns—that…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Dayevery day in your inbox! Email address. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. More About.

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Toggle navigation. Sign In. Classical Drawings Modern Traditional Vintage. View All Small Medium Large. View All Square Wide Tall. Black Framed Art. Sort By:. Customize Add To Cart. He was a man with many talents, including illustration and painting. In his early life, he developed his singing at the Moravian Capital of Brno while practicing his painting passion as well. At first, he worked several decorative painting jobs in Moravia, focusing mainly on theatrical sceneries for different clients. Mucha moved to Vienna in to work for the Viennese theatrical design company. During his stay in Vienna, he continued to learn more about painting. Count Karl Khuen hired him to create murals in Hrusovany Emmah castle and he did an excellent job that Khuen offered to sponsor his formal art training at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Mucha later moved to Paris where continued painting and furthered his studies. After finishing his studies in Paris, he got involved in a number of art projects. He created several high quality paintings, advertisements, book illustrations, and posters. Some of his work could be seen in jewelry, theater sets, and carpets. His artwork was commonly about a lady with flowing neoclassical looking robes. These artistic works were so irresistible that many had to turn their heads to have a second look whenever they came across them. Mucha left quite a legacy by the time of his death. His son, Jiri Mucha, an author, tried to keep the name of his father up by writing a lot about him. His artwork for a long time has seen the doors and interiors of many museums both in his home country and worldwide. Years after his death, laminated, canvas and framed Alphonse Mucha art can still be purchased from galleries and a host of art dealerships across the globe. Sign Up for Exclusive Offers:. Email address is invalid.

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This website brings you information on the career of Alphonse Mucha and also presents an extensive gallery of his most impressive work, spanning the full length of his considerable career. Mucha was a highly productive artist and as such there is a huge amount of work from his career, and it was not easy to summarise it down to the works included with in this website. If you want to discover more then please take note of the more comprehensive list further down the page. The artist's original birthname was Alfons Maria Mucha. This talented artist had a very consistent output, as you will see from studying the art in this website. Because of this, it is very easy to quickly recognise an Alphonse Mucha print when travelling around the different international galleries. His work has also been compared to British painter Beardsley, who remains well known herself. Alphonse Mucha is known for beginning the Art Nouveau movement but the artist actually later distanced himself from that in order to promote the media that he moved onto later in his career, such as oil painting. By the end of his career Mucha had created advertisements, postcards, paintings, illustrations and designs and showed immense talent in each of those disciplines, showing a real adaptability as an artist. Alphonse Mucha had extraordinary illustration skills which helped him to quickly draw attention to his work at an early stage in his career. The work that he is best known for today came over an extended period of his early years before he later decided to move in a new direction, though he never varied too significantly from his original ideas and more just varied the mediums which he used. The original full name of the artist was Alfons Maria Mucha though he is now referred to internationally using his English name. Mucha is also a huge success right across the world and it seems his style is to the liking of art fans from all sorts of different cultures and countries, with his work also instantly recognisable. The Czech artist decided to move away from the style for which he is best known for a certain period later in his career and started to experiment with new ideas and new mediums. The Slav Epic is a huge project which he is now well known for as the artist set up producing a series of large oil paintings which would cover the key historic moments of his own slavic race, and these are included in an inspiring permanent collection in the Czech Republic. At this time the city of Paris was home to many bright lights of the European arts scene and many of them were relatively contemporary and forward thinking, making it an exciting melting pot for Mucha to really absorb a whole series of ideas, opinions and techniques. Mucha's movements around Europe may also have helped him to grow as a young man too, building confidence in himself and his ability to do whatever was necessary to push his budding career ever onwards. After spending several years in Paris building his own artistic reputation it was the Universal Exhibition in Paris which served as a springboard for the artist to broaden his audience to an international level for the first time, and it was this moment which marked the birth of a true international artist which he very much continues to be today, more than years later. During this period it would have been harder for an artist to spread their work internationally than it is now, as there was not the same level of international media and art was a lot more localised than it is today. Art Nouveau is the art movement which is now regarded as having been started entirely by the work of Alphonse Mucha before inspiring others to follow a similar style with in their own work which helped this art movement to expand over time. Art Nouveau translated directly from French as New Art and that is how many saw the style of Mucha as he sought to find acceptance from academics for his work which was undoutedly innovative and unusual at that time, in several different ways which combined to give the art public something quite different to what had gone before. Alphonse Mucha was a typical artist in that fame was not what drove him on at all, nor financial reward. The artist would always say that the point of his work was to spread a message rather than simply gaining fame for it's creator. The popularity of the Art Nouveau movement indeed led to Mucha trying to distance himself from it later on in his career, even though it was his work that actually initiated it in the first place. Alphonse Mucha Paintings are renowned for their intricate detail plus the charming feminine style which the artist used in most of his work. Champenois France is the painting included above and it remains one of his most popular and well known, aided by the artist's Wikipedia page which displays it prominently. Champenois France is very typical of Mucha's popular style and is frequently purchased by his many fans around the world who often choose art print reproductions of his best work. As with all of the paintings included in our gallery, you can buy a copy of F. Champenois France from the links provided which will take you through to the Art. Artist Alphonse Mucha received some high quality training from an early age which helped to set him along the right path and ensured that the natural ability which the young student had was put to good use and developed in the right way which was to yield great benefits later on. The first teachings for the young pupil came at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts where Alphonse was sponsored privately after showing early promise on several artistic jobs which he had already completed. At this stage it was already clear that Mucha was likely to find a career in an artistic role but the impact which he eventually made was not yet known. Mucha created the Moon and Stars series in the very early 20th century. It was to become amongst his best known series of paintings. The artist's models would be used for more than purely decorative meaning here, becoming part of the moon and star arrangements themselves.

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Alphonse Mucha July 24, —July 14, was a Czech illustrator and painter. He is best-remembered for his Art Nouveau posters of plays staged in Paris featuring Sarah Bernhardtone of the greatest actors of all time. Late in his career, he created the 20 monumental paintings that are known as the "Slav Epic" depicting the history of Slavic people. Born to a working-class family in southern Moravia, then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and now part of the Czech Republic, Alphonse Mucha demonstrated a talent for drawing as a young boy. At the time, access to paper was considered a luxury, but a local shop owner who was impressed with Mucha's talent provided it for free. Inat age 19, he traveled to Vienna and found work as an apprentice scenery painter in local theaters. Unfortunately, the Ringtheater, one of Mucha's company's key clients, burned inand Mucha found himself jobless. He traveled back to Moravia and met Count Khuen Belasi who became the young artist's patron. Mucha moved to Paris in He enrolled first in the Academie Julian and then in the Academie Colarossi. After meeting many other struggling artists including Czech illustrator Ludek Marold, Alphonse Mucha began working as a magazine illustrator. The magazine work brought in regular income. Alphonse Mucha became friends with the artist Paul Gauguinand, for a time, they shared a studio. He also grew close to the Swedish playwright August Strindberg. In addition to his magazine illustration work, Mucha began providing pictures for books. In lateAlphonse Mucha was in the right place at the right time. Sarah Bernhardt, one of the world's most famous actors, contacted the publishing house Lemercier to create a poster for her latest play Gismonda. Mucha was at the publishing house when the manager Maurice de Brunhoff received the call. Because he was available and said he could complete the work in two weeks, Brunhoff asked Mucha to create a new poster. The result was a more than life-size rendering of Sarah Bernhardt in the lead role in the play. The poster caused a sensation on the streets of Paris. Sarah Bernhardt ordered four thousand copies of it, and she signed Alphonse Mucha to a six-year contract. With his work displayed all over Paris, Mucha was suddenly famous.

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Alphonse mucha
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